Here you can see all the updates added in each version.


In Version 0.9.0 of Florra the Genus selector got some great updates! As of now you can select any genus on your plant details and default plant care data will be loaded automatically if you want!

Besides that some smaller things, e.g. localization issues were fixed.


Version 0.8 updates the plant details with some new data you can save for any plant!

  • Plant care data: You can save now for the first time plant care data to any plant, i.e. watering needs, lighting and humidity conditions.
  • Save the plant’s pot size: There is a brand new screen for saving a plant’s current pot size with it’s last repotting date.
  • Taxonomy data: You are able to add now a plant’s genus, species and cultivar. Genus and species is filled up automatically when using plant identification!

The new plant care data and taxonomy features are the first steps towards automatically filling up your database with default plant care data based on the taxonomy in a later update!


  • Mostly bugfixes + enhancements on associated plant selection screen
  • Changing of associated plant will reflect change in event immediately
  • Removed title input field for events
  • Updated event list rendering


  • Based on your valuable user feedback, there is now a brand new feature for your diary: You can create now batches of diary entries by tapping the new “Associated Plants” button! E.g. create watering events for 5, 23 or how much plants you like by just saving a single event.

  • small bugfixes (e.g. name of plants were not updated immediately after changing)


  • users are now warned for unsaved changes on the diary event entry screen
  • minor improvements


  • bugfix on the diary filter
  • dark mode improvements
  • minor improvements


  • adds German localization
  • minor improvements


Version 0.3 of Florra includes a couple of updates, these are the major ones:

  • fixed a bug where you could not add photos via camera
  • updated photo preview
  • added sharing with photo roll
  • fixed some typos
  • reordered settings


First release of the app including all of the basic functionalities.